Henry Ford: what we can learn from his success story

Henry Ford is considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs of American History. There is so much that we can learn from his story, not only about the company that nowadays is still one of the major players in the automobile field but also it’s about his personality traits as a man that can teach […]

Animation: Opportunities In Times of Pandemic

The entire globe is facing hard times while fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. This virus has affected so many industries, workers, and global economics, but at the same time, new opportunities are appearing. This doesn’t mean that it is not hard for those areas, but they are presenting new ways or products to fulfill needs. […]

Industrial Design: The Key to Apple’s Success

Industrial design moves today’s big manufacturers, but one of the best successful companies in the world, that showcase how to present an excellent industrial design is Apple. If you want to know more about why this is so important for their success, keep reading! What is industrial design? This is an area dedicated to different […]

Influencers: An Increasingly Lucrative Job

Influencers are those internet personalities getting more and more followers, thanks to their attractive or funny content on social media platforms, like YouTube or Instagram. They can influence their followers to make a new challenge, in the format of a short video, from making an action to dance a song, and upload it on their […]

Lacoste Logo: What Animal Is it? | Best Brands

The French clothing brand Lacoste has surprised everybody starting a partnership of 3 years with IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) in 2018. The brand is well known for its logo that represents a crocodile, and it is very characteristic on the polo shirts. With this partnership, Lacoste is changing the traditional logo for […]

Game of Thrones: the Best Show of All Times?

Game of Thrones is definitely the most popular topic right now; if you check any social network, it will be easy to find posts about the show, from news and facts to memes. But what is the real impact? Is it really the best TV series of all time? Today, 786.Marketing will be trying to […]