786 Promotionals: Everything You Need in One Place

Promotional products are always a good way to present and publicize your brand, giving something useful for people. Those are also known as ad specialties, and produce big results, making it a successful industry. For that reason, the new branch at 786 Group is 786 Promotionals, where we offer to your company a vast promotional […]

Why Is Ergonomics Important for Product Design?

Nowadays, ergonomics is an important part of any workplace. This is a study that has been taking place more and more in job environments. Many companies understand that this science can make the difference in a job well done. But do you know what ergonomics implied? And why is it so important? Keep reading to […]

Tips to Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn is a social media platform that not many people fully understand. This platform was created to help professionals to have a network within their professional world or with businesses. But many users or marketers need to know how the engagement on LinkedIn is and how to improve it. For that reason today we are […]

How to Create an “About Us” or “About Me” Page

An about us page is one of those parts that every user can find on a website or blog. But do we really understand why websites need this kind of page? Today, here in 786 Magazine, we are going to explain what is an about us page and how to create one. Keep reading to […]

How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

These modern times we are experiencing are proving to be straight out of a futuristic movie. Of course, we still don’t have the flying cars or a cleaning robot; but some features are starting to take place in our routines, like voice searches or smart speakers like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. Today we show […]

How to Design a Logo for Your Brand

Following our articles about your brand’s identity, today, we are going to talk about the logo, which can portray the name and colors of the brand. Learning how to design a logo is not that difficult, but like every element about your brand’s identity, having the final decision will prove to be a hard task. […]

News from Facebook: this Is What You Should Know

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world. Still, just a small part of its users know that they are always updating to improve its services, besides showing new and exciting features. For that reason, in 786 Magazine, we show you what Facebook has been up to! This is the […]

How to Choose the Name of Your Company or Brand

One of the most difficult parts starting a business is deciding a name for the brand; this will give identity and secure a position for the business. But putting a name to the brand can present many challenges, you can feel a lack of creativity, with doubts about the name. Today, at 786 Magazine, we […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Importance of Rest for More Efficient Work

With today’s lifestyle, our jobs have become an essential aspect of our lives. But, when you dedicated so many hours to it, without a few rest in between, that can generate terrible consequences. One of those is chronic fatigue syndrome when you will always feel tired, and your productivity will drop to its lowest levels.  […]

Qualities of a Good Business Leader

Being a business leader will never be easy, but the experience, the mistakes, and reaching the desired goals, can shape a person into a leader. Some were born to be natural leaders, but others are being created due to different aspects. Keep reading to find out more about the best qualities of a business leader. […]

Crisis Management: Types of Crises You Should Know about

Having a crisis management strategy in your business can help you to face sudden emergencies or unexpected events. With today’s article, you will handle every crisis without strong consequences for the business. What is crisis management? First, you need to know what a crisis is, which is defined as an unexpected situation that can lead […]

Tips for Entrepreneurs: How to Manage Work Stress?

Work stress is one of the main sources of concern for people. Nowadays, working conditions could be precarious and exploitative, because companies are more interested in the economic benefits than their workers’ health, according to the current organizational model of work. So, if you want to read about how to deal with work stress, keep […]

Advantages of Coolhunting In Digital Marketing

Marketing is a world that is constantly changing, especially nowadays that its major field is the digital world. The marketing area is always innovating to bring the best and newest trends to users and customers. The reinvention of marketing is to fulfill the changes within the society, and it is here where the coolhunting term […]

How to Do a Market Analysis Easy and Fast

Every business, especially small and medium companies, will need a market analysis for a better understatement of the public to do their research about a target. Your business must have a solid base, where they do their research about products and services. Think about this, 80% of Instagram users have followed a business account, and […]

How to Solve Workplace Conflicts

In any organization workplace conflicts can appear, this is because we are humans, it doesn’t matter if we are workers, supervisors or leaders, there are bad days where people face tension situations that create these conflicts. The important point here is: how does your team resolve them? And how to avoid them for future references.  […]

What is Business Leadership and Why it is Important?

Managing a business requires organization, control, and direction, but especially it will require leadership. Business leadership is the quality that the person in charge of the company held, which allows them to influence in making decisions and the general behavior of the organization.  Business leadership combines three important skills: persona, technical, and social. Developing those […]

10 Reasons Why a Business Fails

Failure is a word that makes people feel uncomfortable, it’s not in our nature to embrace or celebrate fails, but there are many ways to learn from them, that can make us and everything around us better in the years to come. But in the business world, a failure can result in devastating consequences. For […]

The Most Important Google Ads Metrics

A marketing campaign needs constant observation with a daily evaluation. Every marketer knows that metrics are required, and all those indicators will show the performance of every strategy. But today we will focus on Google Ads metrics, one of the most used tools in digital marketing. Google Ads is a platform that offers online advertising […]

Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Starting a business or a personal brand involves many different steps; one is advertising to publicize your brand, but do you fully understand what that means, especially in the digital revolution? Here is where a digital marketing agency can help. Of course, you can design the marketing strategy by yourself and try to reach the […]

Companies that Failed to Adapt to the New Digital World

We are facing a new industrial revolution, and the last ten years are proof enough that changes are here to stay, and those changes are evolving. These days, tech companies rule the business and economic world; they are the youngest in the corporate ladder. Oldest companies are adapting to new rules and methods; some succeed […]