10 ways to promote a brand digitally in 2021

2021 is here! In a few hours, we are going to welcome the new year, saying FINALLY goodbye to 2020, a year that will forever be remembered as a tough one, but with many lessons learned, or so we hope. Although we have many wishes for 2021, we can forget that businesses are there and […]

What is engagement, and why is it so important?

Engagement is a word widely used in Marketing, but not everybody understands it. This is all about commitment, creating trust with the users or clients, getting them to participate beyond a purchase or a service. Nowadays, brands aim to create a great engagement to keep their followers happy and interested in their content. Keep reading […]

Christmas contests: How to use them to promote your brand?

Christmas is all about festivities and time to share with friends and family. But for marketers is one of the most stressful and tons of workload season of the year, not just because of an increase in sales, it’s more about the creativity that every marketer should put on every campaign and strategy. Christmas contests […]

How to transfer Christmas emotions to your brand?

Christmas is a highly emotional season. For that reason, marketing is one of the most useful seasons to design strategies based on emotional aspects. It’s not so challenging to identify with any of the Christmas emotions portrayed on any of the many ads that the joyful season brings. Check out how to transfer those emotions […]

Why Should Your Brand Have a Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia is one of the most searched websites on the web because vital information about any topic can be found. But the importance of having a Wikipedia Page goes beyond that today. We are going to explain exactly that. Keep reading! Read: Do You Know Femvertising? Is it necessary to have a Wikipedia page? The […]

Create your own app and take your brand to the next level

Apps are now an important part of our lives; from social media to organizing our lives and jobs, you can find an app for everything. For that reason, having an app for your brand can be the step that could take it to the next level. Check out the advantages of having an app! Read: […]

How to Choose the Name of Your Company or Brand

One of the most difficult parts starting a business is deciding a name for the brand; this will give identity and secure a position for the business. But putting a name to the brand can present many challenges, you can feel a lack of creativity, with doubts about the name. Today, at 786 Magazine, we […]

Main Benefits of a Social Media Plan

A social media plan is a very useful instrument to establish a link between a brand and its users, even though there are still some companies that ignore the advantages of these new interactions. Gone are the old methods of communication between businesses and potential customers based on distant relationships, where the company showed its […]