Methods to get out of a creative block

A creative block is the nightmare of many professionals that depend on their good ideas. However, they can be different for each of us, and the way to overcome them is also pretty different. It will be determined by several factors. Creativity is an important aspect of processes nowadays. Still, sometimes we face a block, […]

Inspirational creativity quotes: which one do you prefer?

Creativity is an important aspect that every individual and team must possess, allowing them to create new and interesting things that will bring good results over time. But sometimes we can lose that, and we need a boost of inspiration to find it again, so today, to kick start the year, we present to you […]

What is Product Placement and How Is it Used?

Product placement is an advertising technique that consists of inserting a product, message, or brand within a program’s narrative. For example, a character uses the product, makes some reference to it, or the product is seen during the scene. It started to be used in television shows, but soon it was used in other formats […]

Advertising Creativity Today: Exemplary Campaigns

All the brands, shops, and companies in the world are always looking to set trends within their sector and the industry itself, wishing to stand out as the best in advertising. Discover the most creative advertising Top 4 exemplary campaigns “Dream Crazy”: Nike, United States Video:( The sportswear brand celebrated the 30th anniversary of its […]

How Does Creativity Work in Advertising?

Advertising creatives are responsible for the overall look of an advertisement, which may appear on the Internet, television, magazines or billboards. They must think up new and creative ideas for different types of advertising, or they may also in just one area, for example, advertising on social networking sites. Techniques for developing creativity Develop your […]

Gourmet Marketing! Discover How to Sell Your Food on the Internet

If you are a great cook, you enjoy increasing your culinary skills and love to delight others with your delicious dishes; we have some news that may interest you. Until a couple of years ago, the online food sale was not a very popular topic, the only ones that actually controlled this market were the […]

What Do You Need If You’re Looking for a New Community Manager for Your Brand?

Nowadays, companies know how significant interaction with consumers is: not being active in social media can result in the loss of opportunities to find future clients and, therefore, obtain less money than expected. For this reason, the Community Manager role, despite being relatively new, has become very important to the point of becoming practically essential […]

The Rules of Social Media: All You Need to Know

We’re in 2019, the digital age, most of the people have access to a computer, and pretty much everybody is active in one online community or another. But, if for some reason you haven’t been too involved in this world, don’t worry! We’ll give you a few advice that will help you take your first […]

Know the Importance of Analytics in Social Media!

When it comes to social media, every business has the opportunity to create a link with customers that can be useful for different purposes. Nowadays many networks allow you to promote your product and describe how it can add value to people’s lives -in other words, what makes it worth buying-, as well as allowing […]

Be Careful! Know the Dangers of Plagiarism (and Their Legal Consequences)

“Plagiarism is a crime, it is appropriating a work without the author’s consent and making use of it as his own.” -– Ana Azurmendi.   One of the most recurrent problems in the fields of creation, whether of web content, books, music, or video, is the crime of plagiarism. Thanks to the advances of the […]

“Think Small”: Get to Know One of the Best Marketing Strategies Ever!

Today we remember and make a small tribute to one of the masterpieces of advertising and content design of the twentieth century. With it, new creative paths were opened within the traditional marketing and advertising industry. This icon of culture and design has transcended its concept, its atmosphere, and even its context after more than […]