Tips for hosting a virtual Christmas party tonight

2020 has been the digital adaptation year, which means that even a celebration is now hosted through a device screen. Christmas is not an exception! Many companies, groups of friends, and even families take different video call platforms to plan and enjoy a party. Today, we will give some tips for a great virtual Christmas […]

Remote activities to reward your team at Christmas

Working with teams is not an easy task, but the Holiday season is the perfect time to strengthen bonds, and make them feel that they belong within the company. However, when your team works remotely, it can be a huge challenge. But don’t worry 2020 has proved to be a year of adaptation, so what […]

Christmas contests: How to use them to promote your brand?

Christmas is all about festivities and time to share with friends and family. But for marketers is one of the most stressful and tons of workload season of the year, not just because of an increase in sales, it’s more about the creativity that every marketer should put on every campaign and strategy. Christmas contests […]

How to transfer Christmas emotions to your brand?

Christmas is a highly emotional season. For that reason, marketing is one of the most useful seasons to design strategies based on emotional aspects. It’s not so challenging to identify with any of the Christmas emotions portrayed on any of the many ads that the joyful season brings. Check out how to transfer those emotions […]

Marketing ideas that you can use this Christmas

This year has been a tough one, many marketing ideas have become remote actions to interact with the audience through their devices. Christmas won’t be the exception, with the starting of the holiday season, businesses and companies are looking for ideas to design marketing campaigns that don’t involve physical presence. Check out some interesting ideas! […]

Emotional Marketing at Christmas

Emotions invade us all on Christmas Eve. People are sensitive, they gather as a family and give or receive gifts. And this tradition is both a cultural and commercial event. Because of the high demand for different items and services on this date, businesses begin to devise strategies to stand out from the competition and […]

How to Make a Christmas Campaign to Create Engagement

December finally arrived! By this time of the year, most shopping centers and stores have renewed their showcases with Christmas motifs. If you haven’t already, you are probably thinking of developing a campaign that generates engagement and helps you get the most sales. Don’t worry, you still have time to plan the best strategy for […]

Tips for a Nice Christmas Marketing Campaign

Christmas is a time for shopping, so we must take advantage of these dates to carry out a successful Christmas campaign, getting the highest sales. We present some useful recommendations for your Christmas marketing campaign to apply for this holiday. 1. Anticipate the arrival of Christmas Christmas marketing campaigns should be carried out in advance: […]