How to Make a Christmas Campaign to Create Engagement

December finally arrived! By this time of the year, most shopping centers and stores have renewed their showcases with Christmas motifs. If you haven’t already, you are probably thinking of developing a campaign that generates engagement and helps you get the most sales. Don’t worry, you still have time to plan the best strategy for […]

What We Know About the New Google Accounts Service

Google has entered into a series of agreements with financial institutions to start offering checking accounts to users in the United States. In recent decades, many companies have joined this technological age of proficient banking services, and the tech giant is no longer the exception. The story published in The Wall Street Journal explains that […]

How to Handle a Business Crisis?

Crises generate changes, some very positive, others negative. Every large corporation has gone through a crisis at some point, and many have managed to come out successfully, but there are cases in which the situation cannot be sorted out that easily. Uncertainty is often one of its consequences. This is because of the difficulty of […]

The Japanese Routine That Will Improve Your Business

Productive companies organize daily work routines to improve the performance of their employees. The programmed activities must be oriented to motivate the staff to be in tune with the priority objectives of the business. The most common daily routines to increase the productivity level of workers are those related to personal habits: exercising, writing a […]

Do You Know the Latest News from LinkedIn?

Over time, LinkedIn has become a necessary platform to work on company strategies. For several years, it has been executing different improvements in the publication and design of its platform; advances that speak of the progress of this social network and that are important to create a good content strategy that allows us to make […]

Why Are Business Cards Still Useful?

We are at a time when digital prevails, but there are some physical tools that have always been useful for companies. This is the case of business cards which serve to capture the interest of potential customers and make your company accomplish a difference in front of the competition. There are many advantages that this […]

Advantages of Work Uniforms for a Company

Achieving an excellent corporate visual image is not a simple task; it requires a series of elements, but we must take the necessary steps to achieve it. Starting with the design, preparation, and implementation of work uniforms in our company would be a good beginning if we want our business to have an identity that […]

The Importance of Point of Purchase in Marketing

To encourage consumer purchases and motivate them to cross the line of indecision, you can apply the point of purchase strategy -also called POP for its acronym-. These are materials or products used to advertise or promote a company. They are small gifts that are given to the recipients to promote the brand or company. […]

How Do You Calculate the Cost of Your Work per Hour?

Surely you have wondered how much your service can cost if you dedicate yourself to freelance work; if so, this article will interest you. How do you calculate the cost of your work per hour? The pace of work and its different forms are in the process of transformation; entrepreneurship is no exception, this is […]

PechaKucha: a Strategy to Innovate in Your Work

Undertaking a new project and having to present it to an audience requires the application of effective methods, especially if time is limited and you want to develop the topics in a practical and efficient way. The best strategy to innovate in your work and make the best use of content and time available is: […]

Huawei & Google: Is This the End of the Company in the USA?

Huawei is considered the second largest smartphone company in the world; only Samsung is their biggest rival. Producing new products every year, and the 5G network just around the corner outside Asia, it was becoming the best in the market, just look at their new models! But the U.S. government put a stop banning them […]