Tips to create unique and attractive products

Being original and unique nowadays is a hard thing. Pretty much humans have done and seen everything. Few things need to be experienced or shown to the audience. But it’s precisely this that pushes brands to search for that unique and attractive product that could make the difference between success and failure. Keep reading to […]

Adapt to survive: Products that were born by mistake!

Curiosity is the mother of invention, but sometimes curiosity is not what helped inventors create their famous products. It’s more that they stumble upon those, just making some small modifications before launching them to the public. Of course, these products have become very popular and have made history. We cannot see our world without them. […]

How to handle mental health issues in advertising

Advertising is the main channel to promote products and services. It can also become an incredible place to talk about problems or issues that we face nowadays. Mental health is one of those issues, and a major theme for new generations, from Millennials to Gen Z. We want that brands address this topic. We want […]

Creative logos to inspire and enhance your image

A logo will become the first thing that people notice about your brand, so there are some points that every brand should know about them. Today, we are going to show the importance of having creative logos, how they can boost the brand, make it atemporal, and integrate into society and history forever. Keep reading […]

Sources of inspiration to stimulate creativity

Creativity is an ability that works perfectly when you can find a reliable source of inspiration. They can be everywhere, from your loved ones to even your pet. There are infinite options to find that stroke of inspiration. But today, we will discuss how these sources of inspiration work to stimulate and exercise your creativity. […]

Great vintage ads! Because creativity is timeless

Publicity and ads have always been there to promote a service or a product. With the improvement of technology and strategies, changes in society, and many other events, ads have been evolving. Right now, digital marketing is the king, but marketers are still finding useful content and inspiration in vintage ads. For that reason, we […]

How to encourage creativity at work and business

Continuing our Creativity series, today, we will talk about getting it at work or in any business. Creativity at work is something important and a characteristic that every worker must-have. Still, finding inspiration there could be a challenge, so to help you with that, we will discuss some tips and advice to get that creativity […]

Methods to get out of a creative block

A creative block is the nightmare of many professionals that depend on their good ideas. However, they can be different for each of us, and the way to overcome them is also pretty different. It will be determined by several factors. Creativity is an important aspect of processes nowadays. Still, sometimes we face a block, […]

Ideas to renew the image of your Facebook account

Facebook is the most popular social media platform around the world and one of the oldest. Over the years, it has improved to make personalization an easy thing. However, not many users exploit the tools that they offer for it. Change your Facebook account with our advice and tips. This can be done for your […]

Examples of Creative Graphic Design in Advertising

Marketing is an area that will always need some design, so here is where Graphic Design takes its pride. Graphic design in advertising can be found practically everywhere. The best ads out there need a quality graphic design to stand out, so check out its importance with excellent examples, keep reading! Read: Advertising design: the […]

Advertising design: the importance of a creative design for marketing

Advertising design is what brands use to sell and promote their products and services. This kind of design is highly focused on how to sell, what the brand offers to the audience. Yes, it has many similarities with Graphic Design, but they work side-by-side, chasing the same goal, the brand’s success. Keep reading to understand […]

Advertising Creativity Today: Exemplary Campaigns

All the brands, shops, and companies in the world are always looking to set trends within their sector and the industry itself, wishing to stand out as the best in advertising. Discover the most creative advertising Top 4 exemplary campaigns “Dream Crazy”: Nike, United States Video:( The sportswear brand celebrated the 30th anniversary of its […]

How Does Creativity Work in Advertising?

Advertising creatives are responsible for the overall look of an advertisement, which may appear on the Internet, television, magazines or billboards. They must think up new and creative ideas for different types of advertising, or they may also in just one area, for example, advertising on social networking sites. Techniques for developing creativity Develop your […]