Academia 786: a platform to learn quickly and easily

Academia 786 courses

We live in the digital age, and it’s more evident than ever that continuous learning is the key to success. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your marketing skills, boost your physical fitness, enhance your productivity, or simply focus on self-improvement, Academia 786 has you covered. This online platform offers a wide array of courses that […]

Lo mejor del Tokyo Game Show 2023

Tokyo Game Show 2023

El Tokyo Game Show 2023 se llevó a cabo con éxito entre el 21 y el 24 de septiembre, uno de los principales eventos de videojuegos del mundo y uno de los más esperados del año, en el que algunas de las mayores casas productoras, sobre todo japonesas, dieron a conocer sus nuevos lanzamientos. A […]

Campañas de concienciación contra el cáncer de mama

Anuncios sobre el cáncer de mama

Octubre es el mes rosa, y como todos los años, miles de personas, organizaciones, marcas y empresas se unen en la lucha contra el cáncer de mama, un día destinado a promover información necesaria sobre esta enfermedad y la importancia de su detección temprana para salvar vidas. Esto se logra gracias a las campañas de […]

Why is Jungle Cruise the movie of the moment?

Jungle Cruise is the summer blockbuster that everybody was expecting. Continuing with the Cruise, Disney was determined to have the best of the best with this movie. Moreover, with all that is going on in the world, after all, we can forget that we are in the middle of a pandemic period. Definitely, these two […]

Instagram, Twitter, Telegram… Latest news you should know

Social media is pretty much something integrated into our lives. Still, many don’t pay close attention to their news or upgrades, which is a huge mistake. So today, we will show you the information and actualization that are starting to roll up into Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram. Keep reading! We should know what changes are […]

Telegram prepares video conferences like Zoom or Skype

Telegram is the app that is competing against WhatsApp. Still, the latest months have seen an increase in its users, thanks to a trust issue within the rival due to an announcement about their term of use. Now it has 500 million users around the globe. What makes Telegram incredible is its endless features that […]

SpaceX vs. Blue Origin: the space race of the 21st century

Oh, space, an endless territory that has always captivated humans through history. But in the lastest decades, it has been showing us its secrets and started something called the space race among nations and governments. However, in recent years, that race has changed its main characters, and now millionaires are taking hold of the advances […]

Twitter grows and prepares new services in 2021

Twitter is a microblogging platform, or well, that was how it started. But right now, it is one of the most popular social media platforms, one that can keep you updated with the latest news and let you say what’s on your mind within 240 characters, or if you prefer it show a thread to […]

Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish national holiday that is celebrated annually every March 17th. During that day, Ireland’s values are exalted and promoted, and its patron saint is honored. Today, it has spread to other parts of the world and has become very popular. So, if you want to know more about this celebration, […]

Spider-Man 3: Will the three protagonists meet?

Movies are one of our beloved hobbies. One of the most anticipated for this year is Spider-Man 3, because who doesn’t enjoy a good story with tons of quality scenes and pack with a bunch of superheroes? But last year was a terrible time for the filming industry. Many productions had to be delayed because […]

Disney and Pixar’s Soul: Why is this the movie of the moment?

Who doesn’t love an animated film? Animation is a great way to portray a story. It doesn’t have the limitation of a traditional film. Directors and screenwriters can play with different elements here to bring a new story. But sometimes animation studios can surprise us with a totally out-of-the-box film, and that is precisely what […]

LinkedIn‌ ‌2021:‌ ‌News‌ ‌you‌ ‌need‌ ‌to‌ ‌know‌

LinkedIn is the favorite social media platform for professionals, but it is starting to develop some new features for the new year. These last months of 2020 have shown some of the new options to different users, 2021 will be the year where everybody can enjoy them. LinkedIn 2021 will definitely be the platform that […]

Telework could double in 2021

Telework has been the main force that has allowed companies to keep in the market. However, the vision of this type of job is not new, from some years ago big companies have been discussing its benefits, for them and their employees. 2021 is offering a secure position for all employees that prefer telework, keep […]

Have You Met the Robotic Dog Spot, the Coolest Machine of 2020?

The Robotics field is one of the most interesting right now. Experts are showing some innovative ideas to help in different jobs worldwide, especially those that present dangers for humans. One of the coolest robots of 2020 is Spot, designed and created by Boston Dynamics. Today we are going to show you all about it, […]

Netflix Premieres and Farewells in November

Netflix is saying goodbye to the spooky season. October is no longer here. But November is saying hello to everybody. With it, the holiday season is starting to appear, including new content in the streaming platform. Today we are showing you what will be new and what will no longer be available on Netflix! Read: […]

Most Used Apps During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, everybody is fulfilling the mandatory quarantine, but this has shown an increase in the use of digital devices to entertain all the family at once. So today, we are going to show you the most used apps that the majority downloaded or are downloading right now! Read: The Pandemic Is Opening Up […]

Smart TV Apps that You Should Have at Home

Smart TVs are now a tool that everybody enjoys at home, but only a few know and understand everything they have to offer. It is not a complete surprise that TVs are showing apps to entertain, and for communications, it was like the next step after smartphones and tablets. Today we are showing the most […]

Creative and Original Business Ideas

Customers will always prefer what makes them feel special. If you make your customers feel exclusive with your solution, you will get them hooked faster. Although it all depends on the target you are addressing, originality generates empathy and appreciation; that’s why creative and original business ideas are a must. Examples of creative and original […]

What We Know About the New Google Accounts Service

Google has entered into a series of agreements with financial institutions to start offering checking accounts to users in the United States. In recent decades, many companies have joined this technological age of proficient banking services, and the tech giant is no longer the exception. The story published in The Wall Street Journal explains that […]

How to Prepare a Good Pecha Kucha Presentation?

Making a good presentation is not easy. It takes preparation and some knowledge of the elements intrinsic to this communication method. But using one format may help with the process. Pecha Kucha is an organizing technique that allows you to manage your time and express your ideas more efficiently. Here we explain what exactly is […]